Post by Jona » Mon, 19 Aug 2002 22:29:08

1. I've tried using the category feature. this must be an insane progammers
death wish to all websites.
 The documentation says just click on a file ( In this case a picture on a
page: the Interests.htm page ), click on shortcut menu properties and fill
in whatever category you choose or create under the workgroup tab. Ok that
is working. Next I tried to check out properties for the index page and
voila the whole page is in this category ( and any other object as well ? ).
This is not what I told the program to do.

Checking the properties of the picture file gives the correct, of course,
categories, there can be many thankgod.

2. Next I tried to run the program in preview mode after svaving everything.
I click on an ugly three time repeated text called "page in category", whats
looks like a hyperlink, but cannot be checked as a hyperlink by clicking
hyperlink properties on the shortcut menu, which by the way is available as
a choice ( not dimmed ). The same page but  blank is loaded into preview.
Neither the file or the index.htm page where the file is displayed is on the
Interests.htm page.

AnyOne ?