Dynamic Link to an RTF File

Dynamic Link to an RTF File

Post by Ian Wakefor » Tue, 18 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I have an RTF file which acts as a log file.  This file
changes all the time as it is refeshed.  Can I get
Frontpage to dynamically link to this file to display it's
current contents each time the web page is loaded.

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1. Dynamic links based on files in a directory

I haven't seen this demo but for that to work, they must have had a process
running in the background which intermitently checks directory contents,
and "spits" out a new version of the html page being viewed. - This
wouldn't be that hard.

A second way to do it would be to turn IIS's directory browsing on.  Any
directory which doesn't have an index.htm or default.htm defined, and
browing is turned on, the user will get a directory list in the browser.

I suppose a third way would be to write some VB/Javascript in an ASP to
write the HTML.  I haven't had the need to do this but sounds like
something I could use in the future.

Good luck on the answer.  I'll have to check back to see anyone has a
detailed and probably more helpful answer for you.


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