ODBC: System Error 126 (Sybase System 11)

ODBC: System Error 126 (Sybase System 11)

Post by Gregg Zelki » Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I'm Attempting to use a Sybase Database hosted on a Sun Solaris Unix
Server. From my NT I've developed test web sites to access my Microsoft
Access DB, it works well. I've installed Sybase System 11 software
Sybase Central, this provided a Sybase System 11 ODBC. Using Sybase's
software Sybase Central I gain access to the Solaris Sybase DB. Also
using Microsoft MSQuery I have access. But when using Frontpage I get
the following error:

Error Performing Query
[State=IM0003][Error=160]Specified driver could not be loaded due to
system error 126 (Sybase System 11).

What is system error 126?

Any solutions?