Using JBOTS and SEND IT! with FP 98

Using JBOTS and SEND IT! with FP 98

Post by MD » Mon, 11 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Hi All,

MS kind of caught us off guard as the BETA was not suppose to be available
until Monday.

However, we have posted a quick fix so that J-BOTS version 1.1 and SEND IT!
version 2.5.018 will work with FrontPage 98 Version 3.0 Beta 1.5

A 18kb file can be downloaded at and ran
if your system contains the support file msvbvm50.dll. If not then the 1.4
mb file will need to be downloaded and
the msvbvm50.dll placed into the windows system directory.

Thank you all for supporting J-BOTS and SEND IT! We greatly appreciate your

MD - Microsoft Frontpage MVP
Makers of FP 97 J-BOTS & SEND IT!
Cookin' T3  - FP 97 Support


1. J-BOTS / SEND IT! and FP 98 B2


We have been getting a lot of inquiries about using the above products with
FrontPage 98 B2

SEND IT! was written and tested with FrontPage 98 so it will work with

For information about using J-BOTS on FrontPage 98 please see (Special note)

Please note - I have seen several inquiries about installing FP 98 along
side FP 97. If this is done you break the registry for any add-in products
that support FrontPage and may even break some MS Products. The reason for
this is that the registry is used to determine the current release of the
product as documented in the FP SDK. To wit:

"Each component is also accessible with a generic identifier that resolves
to the current release of FrontPage, these names are FrontPage.Explorer,
FrontPage.Editor, and FrontPageToDoList."

If the product is written to support the current release then these values
would be used to determine that release. If FP 98 is the current, then when
FP 97 is open calls into the component will be with the FP 98 component
versus the FP 97.

MD - Microsoft Frontpage MVP
Makers of FP 97 & 98 J-BOTS & SEND IT!
FrontPage Web Hosting

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