Refresh Screen After Deleting Record

Refresh Screen After Deleting Record

Post by JG » Fri, 31 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Can anyone help here.
I have a database results table with several fields being displayed. One of
the fields is a hyperlink that calls a query to delete that record. It works
great but when you click on the hyperlink you then have to hit refresh for
the page to reflect the deleted record. Is there a way to have the page
immediately refresh after deleting the record.



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For some reason when I publish changes to my site and then view the site the
changes are not present. Hitting refresh several times does not make it
update. When viewing the site from a different computer the changes show up.
Is it something to do with the browser cache or ?  I have had a similar
problem since I began using FrontPage. Occasionally visitors tell me they
don't see the updates until the next day. How can you make viewers browsers


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