Q: How to completely remove MS and FP Personal Web Servers in FP98?

Q: How to completely remove MS and FP Personal Web Servers in FP98?

Post by Gorgonaut Lives!! » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I've installed FP98. As I did that, the MS Personal Web Server was
loaded. Then I loaded the FrontPage Personal Web Server.

I want to remove teh Personal Web Servers and just use a web server on
the network.

I tried uninstalling the PWS but there are still things left. How can
both PWSs be completely removed?


1. FrontPage Personal Web Server vs. MS Personal Web Server

A book called Using MS FrontPage 97 (QUE) makes reference to a
"FrontPage Personal Web Server" and a "MS Personal Web Server".  I
think  the MS one is on my machine at c:\Program Files\Websvr.  Is
that right & is FP one at c:\Webshare?  

Can I get rid of one of these?  Which one should I keep?  AND can I
move them--I didn't want them on my C: drive?

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