HELP non-newbie with FORM problem please!

HELP non-newbie with FORM problem please!

Post by Helen » Fri, 15 Feb 2002 01:55:55

Hi -
I've created several forms in FP and have always found them to be
straightforward and non-problematic.

On my newest forms at
the confirmation page is not coming up... instead I get the default
confirmation with link at the bottom saying "return to form". BUT the
"return to form" link actually has the URL for the CONFIRM page embeded in

What's going on? I've checked and re-checked everything and I just can't
figure out what is different or wrong here.

There are two order forms on the site. The default page holds a Canadian
order form, and the usa.htm page holds the other. I've created a separate
confirmation page for each form, and have pointed to these in the "form
properties" dialogue box. I've also named one form "FrontPage_Form1" and
"FrontPage_Form2" in the form properties "form name" field in case this was
causing the problem.

I'm really stumped here with something that has never given me grief before
. . . please help.
Thank you,

Helene Meurer


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Any help greatly appreciated...Thanks
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