Meta Word Check - site check

Meta Word Check - site check

Post by Kevi » Sat, 23 Mar 2002 15:23:39
 Can someone check my Meta description words to see if they are ok?
I used plurals where possible. Capital letters where possible and put all
the possible search strings I can think of. The one thing I am worried about
is if the spiders will think I am spamming because of the redundancy with
some words.
Please advise.
Thanks Molly



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I'm looking for two kinds of feedback,

1. How does this site look?

2. Would you care to comment on what this site be worth? I haven't done many
web pages do my speed isn't what it could be so it's hard for me to put a
price on what I do. I can come up with a per hour amount but need to get an
idea how that relates to a site.

Thanks for the input!!


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