How do I Format numbers in a Custom Query in FP2000

How do I Format numbers in a Custom Query in FP2000

Post by Kevin Le » Tue, 13 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi All,

I need some help, I want to display numbers in a specific format in a
database results table.

my numbers display as 5.2 but I want all the numbers to have 2 decimal
places as in 5.20

I could do it with FP98 but I am at a loss as to how I do it in FP200 custom



1. Updating Numbers in a FP Custom Query

When changing the number fields make sure you don't use '::number::'  use
::number:: instead.  The single quotes set the number to text and the access
number field won't take it.

Mike Plagge
Web Master
Cedar Rapids Community Schools

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