Shared Borders used with Frames???

Shared Borders used with Frames???

Post by frostyfor » Thu, 09 Jan 2003 17:38:37

I've been running a basic site with just shared borders
but now want a true frame style environment.  
Unfortunately, I seem to have to manually adjust my links
in the content page as apposed to using the navigation
view to control the link order.  Thus my question...

The frame site I have consists of a header, footer,
contents, and main frame.  Using FP2000, I want the
contents page to be a shared left border with the links
from the navigation view.  I can't get this to work?  Is
this just something I shouldn't even mess with?

Ultimately, I would like the contents menu to "grow" with
sub links below. (i.e. Click on the products link in the
contents page and the contents expand to review various
links to specific pages.  Once the product is picked then
the main frame updates with that product page)  I'm
assuming Java for this??

Your help is appreciated.


Shared Borders used with Frames???

Post by Grego » Thu, 09 Jan 2003 22:30:30

im confused with your first question: if you are using a
frame on the left for navigation, then you are no longer
using shared borders...correct?? if you are unaware of
what frames are, they allow the browser to open multiple
html files in the same window. so basically all you need
is a seperate html file that contains the links to all of
your specific pages. you also want to specify the target
of these links to be the main frame.

for expanding menus explore the following sites, im sure
they'll have what you're looking for:

ps. it should be noted that frames are becoming
obsolete...the main concern is with search engines, they
link to your main pages with the primary content of your
site, and therefore does not open the index page but the
main page!!



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building my 1st site.  have built it so far with frames but read about
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please let me have you preferences in terms of:
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best regards

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