Help -- Hit Counter w/Red "x"

Help -- Hit Counter w/Red "x"

Post by Elmo » Sat, 14 Nov 1998 04:00:00

The hit counter appears as a red "x" in Internet Explorer (I.E.) as well.
Upon checking the path via properties display in I.E., the following
appears.  Isn't there supposed to be an associated .gif file?  Since the hit
counter is included in the web page as a Insert, Active Elements, Hit
Counter, I am unable to modify the path even when looking at the hit counter
within FP98 using the HTML view option.  Suggestions?

Path Seen When Properties is Selected on red "x" ... viewed in I.E.:

For some reason it appears like the website name of "Network-01" is being
appended at the tail end of the .exe component.  Perplexing.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!!


"Learning ... A lifelong endeavor!!"


1. Help -- Hit Counter w/Red "X"

Issue:  FrontPage 98 webbot compontent, "hit counter", placed in table cell
and red "X" appears when viewed from Netscape navigator.  The webpage is the
default.htm primary home page and has a theme applied.

Question:  What should I check to correct problem so that the selected "hit
counter" appears.

Troubleshooting:  1) Tried alternative cell justification (left, right,
default, center); 2) Reset font size and cell size to default.
Alternatives to PF98:  Visited hit counter web sites:  a) &

Thank you!!


"Learning ... a lifelong endeavor!!"

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