Font colors in shared borders

Font colors in shared borders

Post by Bren Wickha » Mon, 10 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Is there any way to make the font colors change on mouse over events on the
buttons fp 2000 makes in shared borders (horizontal navigation)?  I can can
the three different buttons used but fp puts the text on automatically.  I
need the button to stay the same for all three states but the text to change
colors.  I could do it manually (make my own buttons for each page) but that
would defeat the point of using fp.  Any ideas?

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Please help.

Question 1:
I'm using FP 98 and I'd like to find out how to assign a color to my left
shared border (or any shared border for that matter).

Question 2:
How do I get the hyperlink information in my left shared border to display
as buttons?  I tried to set the navigation bar properties information to
"Buttons" instead of "Text", but it looks the same.  Just text is displayed,
no buttons.

I think the ideal way around this would be to forget about the Front Page
Component "Navigation Bar" and simply use tables, where I enter gif images
(buttons) into the cells.  The problem is that, because I want certain pages
to display certain hyperlink choices, using a table would force every one of
my pages to have the exact same table (in the left shared border).  Is that
correct?  Could I somehow set more than one left shared border?  Some pages
having one table and other pages having another table.  Is that possible?

I hope you can provide some suggestions.  Your help is appreciated.


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