DA: Personal Web Server 4.0

DA: Personal Web Server 4.0

Post by Denn » Fri, 10 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Hi.  I installed the Windows 98 Personel Web Server 4.0 from the CD-ROM add-on
folder.  Installed FrontPage 98, whichs works except for IE5.  IE5 can't find
local pages.

When I [start] my web page in PWS, I get a home page of http://Dennis Allen,
and a home directory of c:\webshare\wwwroot.

If I click on the hyperlink http://Dennis Allen, IE5 comes up
http://Dennis%20Allen not found.  Obviuosly, IE5 doesn't like spaces.  What
should I do?  Remove and reinstall PWS 4.0?  Can I rename my home page?

I've just got a single-user computer.  Do I need all the overhead, like MTS and
DTC stuff?  I do plan to install Visual Studio 6.0, but do I really need PWS
4.0?  Maybe I should remove PWS 4.0 and just install the Frontpage98 PWS.

I'd be grateful for any advice...Dennis