Please please Help - Newbie

Please please Help - Newbie

Post by Georg » Mon, 28 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have IE4.0 and Windows95.
I design my pages with FrontPage98
The plain hover buttons work fine but when
I want to use the custom option and
place images on the "button" and "on Hover"
although the button image shows on the FrontPage
Editor when l press the "preview in browser" the
Internet Explorer shows only a gray box and the URL
to another page doesnt work

Any help will be appreciated


1. PLEASE help me! Please oh please oh please!

I wrote some JavaScript code that I want to use on my page, and this
involved putting most of the code in the <HEAD> tag of my page, which I
did in notepad. BUT! When I bring it into FP 97 to edit text or graphics
and I save it, it puts the JavaScript in the <BODY>! Is there anyway to
get around this? Like a way of putting JavaScript in the header in FP
Thank you thank you thank you!
Robin Senior

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