Hyperlinks: can't insert them

Hyperlinks: can't insert them

Post by Sonn » Tue, 29 Jan 2002 14:36:12

Hoping some one can help solve my latest problem.

Some how I can no longer insert a hyperlink to anything. The existing
hyperlinks work fine. But the actual procedure to insert them does nothing.
I'm using FP2002, with Win98se.  It was working now nothing. No popup window
to do the connection and target frame, nothing. Like I didn't even try and
insert a hyperlink.



1. 'insert hyperlink' crashes 2002

When I use paste function in 'insert hyperlink' window of
frontpage 2002, FP crashes.  Can only type in link
manually.  Reinstall didn't help.  Wasn't always like
this.  Using WinXP/1; same problem before service pack.  
Paste works in all other programs.

Sorry if this has been addressed before.

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