Oooh, problems publishing frontpage web

Oooh, problems publishing frontpage web

Post by Christiane Carberr » Thu, 08 May 1997 04:00:00


I am trying to publish my frontpage web and getting the following

NTLM authentication failed  code -2146893042

What do I do?


Oooh, problems publishing frontpage web

Post by Peter Perchansk » Fri, 09 May 1997 04:00:00

Greetings Christiane:

"I am trying to publish my frontpage web and getting the following message:
 NTLM authentication failed  code -2146893042"


Peter Perchansky,  Microsoft FrontPage MVP & I.C.C.
PMP Computer Solutions


1. Problem Publishing Web Site with Frontpage 2002

I have just moved my files from Windows98 to XP and, using Frontpage 2002,
tried to
publish a new Web that I had been working on. After File>Publish Web...,
Frontpage asked me where to put the web and I told it:, the location of my web site.

There was an immediate error message box popped up as follows:

Server error: Cannot open file C:\vwebs\\_vti_pvt\service.lck

Now whenever I try File>Publish Web..., the same message box appears.

The difference between the W98 Frontpage is that it was storing its stuff in
C:\My Documents\My Webs\...  Under XP, the path is now more complicated,

C:\Documents and Settings\Edward\My Documents\My Webs\... but really under
"My Documents" short cut.

Does anyone know why Frontpage has suddenly found it necessary to write into
the folder and file:


The "" is my name, none of the other parts of the path make any

I took the new Web folder back to the W98 machine and saw exactly the same
error message. Now when I try and publish a different file that was working
perfectly well two months ago, again I get the error message the Frontpage
can't write onto the identical C:\...\service.lck file.

I searched this newsgroup and found some previous references to the
_vti_pvt\service.lck but the fix was to make sure that the lock file was not
in a readonly directory. I've get lock files in the web folders under "My
Webs". I don't know where the C:\vwebs\... folder came from.

Edward E.L. Mitchell
Pharsight Corp.
6707 Daniel Court
Fort Myers, FL 33908

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