FP98, Apache 1.3.6 and name based virtual hosts: Is it possible and how?

FP98, Apache 1.3.6 and name based virtual hosts: Is it possible and how?

Post by cel.. » Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:00

 I was wondering if FP98, Apache 1.3.6 and name based virtual hosts is
possible. If so how or where could I find out.

I very much appreciate the help,



1. FP98 and Apache 1.3.6 with patch_1.3.6 AND name based virtual hosts

Hello ,

I just successfully installed and apache 1.3.6 with fp98 extensions and
the apache path.

But the FP98 extensions are only running with the main web server.
I am using NAME BASED WIRTUAL HOSTS (only one IP Address,
but hundrets of virutal domains) an when I try to install a new
virtual front page server with fpsrvadm -o install ....... -m
www.domain.de ....
I get the answer that www.domain.de ist not a virual web server

I there a way to get the fp98 extensions running for name based virtual
hosts ??????
Or does they only run on ip baed hosts ?

HELP PLEASE .......... I am lost in space .....


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