Epoch: Strategy for Success - CMM/CMMI, PMBOK, RUP, Agile, Six Sigma, Use Cases, MDA, UML, ROI, EV, etc.

Epoch: Strategy for Success - CMM/CMMI, PMBOK, RUP, Agile, Six Sigma, Use Cases, MDA, UML, ROI, EV, etc.

Post by Sinan Si Alhi » Thu, 24 Jul 2003 15:44:52

Members of this forum/group may be interested in "Epoch: Strategy for
Success" (http://home.earthlink.net/~salhir/#WWW_Articles) --- An overview
setting the stage for exploring the synergies between/among:

- Best Practices (IBM RUP and Agile approaches)
- Six Sigma
- Requirements Engineering (Use Cases)
- ROI and EV
- And much more!

Content detailing the synergies is forthcoming!

Questions, comments, and feedback are welcome.

Sinan Si Alhir, PMP, IT Project+, e-Biz+

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1. XP, the Agile Alliance, and RUP

The following paper may be of interest:

*  "XP, the Agile Alliance, and RUP"

This paper elucidates the reality beyond the surface of the debate between
heavyweight approaches and lightweight or "agile" approaches by delineating
between the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and computer programming
languages, deciphering the concepts of "weight" and "agility" relative to
methodology and process, and exploring and bridging the chasm between XP,
the Agile Alliance, and RUP to conclude that *RUP is a more massive but more
agile methodology than XP, from which appropriately weighted and more agile
processes than XP may be derived, with which more agile projects than XP may
be executed*, and given RUP's broad scope, breadth and depth, and
flexibility as a process framework and given XP's collection of practices,
*the chasm is bridged via applying RUP, as a process framework, within which
XP, as a collection of practices, may be leveraged*.

I welcome your comments.

Thank you.

Sinan Si Alhir

WWW:   http://home.earthlink.net/~salhir
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