Looking For CASE/UML Tool Suggestions

Looking For CASE/UML Tool Suggestions

Post by wtan.. » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 06:21:20

 I've been working on an application that utilizes JavaScript on the
client (within a web document) to formulate queries, and a Java Servlet
on the Web Server to fetch the results of the queries from a database.
Documenting the design of the Java Servlet component should not be a
problem, as many CASE/UML tools export Java source code from their
repositories. I am having difficulty dealing with the JavaScript
component, however. My approach is to model the client (HTML/Javascript)
component via the Browser's Document Object Model (DOM), with JavaScript
functions being defined as methods of the Document that can be invoked
by HTML SELECT Objects,INPUT Objects, etc. Is there a UML tool that
can export JavaScript code? An alternative approach could be to write
a custom macro in Visual Basic for the  "WithClass99" UML Modelling
tool that would generate the JavaScript modules, but I really don't
want to "re-invent the wheel", as they say.


  Bill Angel
  CSC, Inc.
  Springfield, *ia

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1. Best UML Case Tool for Use Case Driven Analysis

I'm currently evaluating UML Case Tools, concentrating on Use Case
driven development.
Of course, the industry leader is Rational Rose, but my first
impressions are unfavourable. I find it weak on Use Cases and bad at
model decomposition (drilling down through the model hierarchy) and
just generally bad in its visual modelling.
Other products I have looked at at Object Domain (much better visually)
and ArgoUML (open source).
Anyone out there got some opinions/recommendations and/or experiences
they'd like to share - 'cause I'd sure like to listen!!! :)
Thanks in advance for any input on this,
Alan Biggs

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