C++/Constraint Programming/OO Development Positions Available

C++/Constraint Programming/OO Development Positions Available

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Solution Dynamics, Inc. has full time positions available for Senior
Programmers and Technical Project Leaders working from various sites around
the country.  Initial training and company indoctrination will take place
at our New Jersey offices.

Company Background

SDI is a leader in the use of C++, object-oriented technologies to develop
solutions to constrained problems such as scheduling, configuration,
routing, resource allocation and planning.

Our staff has a background in artificial intelligence and mathematical
modeling as well as strong system development experience using OOD
methodologies and C++.  They interface directly with customers to define
functional requirements, design system architecture and support system
development efforts.  They usually work in small teams of one to five

Successful SDI consultants:
- are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service
- are capable of grasping abstract concepts
- have excellent communication skills
- work effectively in a virtual development environment

Detailed Qualifications

All candidates should have strong C++ object-oriented application
development skills.  Technical Project Leaders should also have system
design and OOD/RAD methodology experience.

Background in operations research, mathematical modeling, or artificial
intelligence (constraint propagation) desired.

Three to five years experience with C++ implementing applications for
commercial or industrial use preferred.

Experience with the ILOG toolsets Solver, Scheduler or Views is beneficial.

Business travel is required.

Advanced degrees in multiple disciplines preferred (i.e. Comp Sci, Math,
Engineering, etc.)

Qualified candidates seeking a challenging career using advanced S/W
development technologies in an OO environment send resumes to:

991 US HWY 22, SUITE 200

telephone:      (908)725-5445
fax:            (908)231-0444


1. Positions available -- distributed programming with OO

[ pirates_ad98_oo 2K ]

(please post at your institution and forward to interested parties)


The Department of Computing Science and Engineering, Universite
catholique de Louvain, is opening positions in the PIRATES project
starting immediately for talented and motivated Ph.D. students, or
people with equivalent background, with interest and experience
in one or more of:

- Implementation of languages and systems for distributed programming.

- Distributed algorithms and models for fault tolerance, security, and
  efficient use of scalable network technologies.

The system is based on a conservative extension of the Oz language,
an advanced concurrent object-oriented language that is state-aware
and has dataflow synchronization.

The PIRATES project runs from 1997-2000 and collaborates with
the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and
the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS).  PIRATES is
conceived as a feedback loop between research-oriented platform
development and advanced application development. The objectives are
to design, build, and use a platform for distributed programming that
separates the application's functionality from the aspects of
distribution, fault tolerance, security, and scalability.

More information on PIRATES can be found at:


The Department has excellent facilities, strong international
collaborations, and expertise in networks, network-related
technologies, and technology transfer.  The Universite catholique
de Louvain is attractively located at Louvain-la-Neuve in central
Belgium and has good connections to the rest of Belgium.

Starting dates of the positions are flexible, but should be preferably
as soon as possible and definitely before Fall 1998.  The positions will
be held open until filled adequately.  Remuneration will be competitive
and according to the candidate's experience.  Knowledge of French is
desirable but not essential.  If you are interested, please send the

   - a cover letter explaining your motivation and experience,
   - a curriculum vitae,
   - three references,
   - selected publications, if available
   - systems-building experience, if available


   Prof. Peter Van Roy
   Departement d'Ingenierie Informatique
   Universite catholique de Louvain
   Place Sainte-Barbe, 2
   B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
   Web: http://info.ucl.ac.be/

   Phone: (+32) 10 47.83.74
   Fax:   (+32) 10 45.03.45

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