New Paper on Business Object Architecture

New Paper on Business Object Architecture

Post by Jeff Sutherlan » Fri, 27 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have just posted a White Paper on The Business Architecture Reference Model
from William Hertha at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.  This short
paper is very interesting for anyone building object-oriented frameworks for
any vertical market.

William attended the OOPSLA Workshop on Business Objects Design and
Implementation and has followed up the Workshop with this paper.  You can
reach it from the Workshop Home Page:
or surf to it from my Home Page.

Jeff Sutherland


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18 August 1997 - New paper posted

Business Processes and Workflow Management in an Enterprise Resource
Planning Context

Ing. M.G. (Rin) le Comte BSc.

ABSTRACT: The research described in this paper is related to business
processes and workflow management in an ERP context. Today there is a poor
integration between ERP applications and workflow management systems.
However, a combination of both worlds could lead to very powerful
applications. Our research is working towards such integration.

Jeff Sutherland
SVP Engineering, IDX Systems

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