Job opening: research assistant at INRIA Paris

Job opening: research assistant at INRIA Paris

Post by Sytse Kloosterm » Tue, 07 Jul 1998 04:00:00

The SOR group (Distributed Object Systems) of INRIA Rocquencourt offers
a position as


of the European research project PerDiS, effective immediately.  PerDiS
is a collaborative effort by both industrial and academic partners,
developing a new paradigm for sharing information across a network for
cooperative engineering applications, called a Persistent Distributed
Store (PDS).  The partners are located in France, Portugal, Britain and
Germany.  The project is described in detail at  A three-year project, it is currently
at its middle point.  We have a running platform supporting a number of

In PerDiS, applications share data out of the PDS just like out of
ordinary memory.  Data allocated in the PDS that is reachable
automatically persists and is shared by all processes on the network.
The system automatically takes care of locally caching data, garbage
collection, disk storage, fault tolerance, and concurrency control.
This new abstraction makes it easy to write new distributed applications
or to port existing centralized ones.  The latter capability is
exercised by actual, real, large applications, such as cooperative CAD
tool for the building industry.

At the mid-point of the project, the PerDiS platform is functional.
During the upcoming 18 months, the research assistant shall facilitate,
coordinate and integrate developments done at five European sites,
including caching, fault tolerance, garbage collection, security, etc.
The system serves both as support for real applications and as a
research and experimentation platform.

The research assistant will be in charge of both technical and
organizational aspects.  He/she reports to the the Chief Programmer, and
cooperates with the Chief Architect and the implementation teams.
He/she shall have experience in modern operating systems, and shall have
a good knowledge of distributed systems and/or object-oriented
databases.  Excellent practical knowledge of C++ is required.  He/she
must be a group facilitator, and communicate and work well with
geographically-dispersed partners.  Some professional experience will be
appreciated.  Candidates should have at least a Masters in Computer
Science (or French DEA or Diplme d'Ingnieur) and speak and write
English.  The position is nominally part time, but might be extended
into full time.

INRIA Rocquencourt is located 15 km West of Paris. INRIA is reknowned
world-wide for its research in all areas of computer and control

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