ANN: Learning UML

ANN: Learning UML

Post by Sinan Si Alhi » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 12:20:40

*** Learning UML ***


Learning UML is the quintessential tutorial for the Unified Modeling
Language (UML).

Topics and Features:

- Introduces the UML and places it in perspective
- Leads you through an orderly progress towards mastery of the language
- Structural modeling answers the "who" and "what" questions of systems
  -- Learn how the UML is used to model the structure of a system using
     class and object diagrams
  -- Learn how to use use-case diagrams to model the functionality of a
  -- Learn how component and deployment diagrams are used to model the
     way in which a system is deployed in a physical environment
- Behavi*modeling addresses the questions of "when," "how," and
  -- Learn how to use sequence and collaboration diagrams to model the
     interaction over time between system components
  -- Learn how to use state diagrams to describe the life cycle of
     system components
  -- Learn how to use activity diagrams to document control-flow and
- Maintains a clear focus on UML the language and avoids getting caught
  up in the cobwebs of methodology
- Each chapter ends with a set of exercises that you can use to test
  your growing knowledge of UML and its concepts

Sample Chapter 8, Activity Diagrams, is available online.


1. UML UML UML please HELP!!!!

Hi everybody,

I hate the way UML USER GUIDE by Addison Wesley pretends to teach you UML.
It is so expensive and so chaotic! Tons of wasted forewords to every chapter,
where randomly you can find useful information which you cannot find elsewhere
in the book, repetitions everywhere, crippled examples with incomplete
descriptions... DON'T BUY IT!! It can be resumed in about 50 pages.
Anyway, is there anybody who wants to spend a bit of his time answering to
my newbie questions?
I'm not a programmer, but I need to learn UML.
Don't ask why a non-programmer wants to learn UML, if you want to help me
just check my simple questions and diagrams (related on anything but code)
and you'll make me very happy!
So, is there anybody who wants to help a non-programmer UML newbie?

Bye and thank you in advance for your reply!

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