OO Analyst/Designer positions available

OO Analyst/Designer positions available

Post by Frank Tayl » Wed, 03 Feb 1993 23:05:14

There are three positions open for OO analysis/designing with
data-driven development and C++ coding experience in the
Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area.  Experience with Rumbaugh
methodology desireable.  Work will last about 6 months with
possible follow-on.

Please E-mail me for further details.

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1. U.K. - OO Systems Analysts, Designers and Contructors

We are a Contract Recruitment company dedicated to Object Technology. We
always have a need for experienced OO Practictioners of all disciplines.
We operate a small consultancy outfit, but the majority of our work is
the supply of quality OO professionals to software development projects
in the U.K. We are ouselves OO Consultants and can talk to you on the
Please contact Bill Allen on the details below, or send your details in
an email to:

| OO CONTRACTS                              Tel: 0161 929 8449 |
| 12a Market Street                         Fax: 0161 929 8445 |
| Altrincham, WA14 1QB                      Mobile:0802 496088 |
|                                                              |
|              The OO Resource Specialist run by               |
|              OO Specialists ...                              |

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