Telescript agents?

Telescript agents?

Post by K » Thu, 18 Aug 1994 05:34:46

General Magic conceived Telescript. Agent objects travel around
Any one know how obtain e-info?
Sorry for posting  to maybe the wrong group(s).



1. Looking for "line Agent" test program (kind of visual Tapi Browser with Agent support)


I need to developp a program that manages TAPI Agents ; before starting
coding, I would like to use a tool to quickly test the TAPI Agent Functions
and Events, but instead of using TB14 or TB 20, I would prefer a Visual
tool, such as "TAPI Phone Dialer" from Julmar ; unfortunately, I guess that
this tool has no TAPI "Agent" support (please, correct me if I am wrong). So
would someone know a "Visual tool for testing TAPI Agent Functions and
Events" and where I can get it.

Any help appreciated,

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