OOP in a non-OOP environment

OOP in a non-OOP environment

Post by jwat.. » Thu, 08 Apr 1993 15:43:36

I am researching information on OOP in a non-OOP environment for a
research seminar.
I have perused ECOOP '91, the JOOPs journals and have yet to find
Object Messenger. Of the articles I have looked at there seems to be no
relevant information.

As yet I have not decided whether to present info on OOP in a non-OOP
with relation to a particular package, or just in general.

I have racked my brains (and the local libraries here in Melbourne) and
have come up with nothing.

I would be grateful for information on any relevant journal articles, OR
better still, an FTP archive site containing abstracts, or journal
entries in full.

It may even be fruitful to here the views of people out there in the
Internet world.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!!!

(I was hoping to have the seminar prepared by 19th April, but have been
stopped by lack of information...)

Jason Watson

Department of Information Systems, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC,

P.S. Replies by e-mail would be appreciated. (We sometimes have trouble
accessing the Internet news)


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somewhat new to all of this.  Use cases, okay -- but, for the most part,
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Thank you,
Rusty Williamson

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