Rational Rose dialog boxes are tiny!

Rational Rose dialog boxes are tiny!

Post by Christian Mogense » Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:00:00

We want bigger dialogs in Rational Rose98i!
We can't figure out how. Help!

We used to use the old 16-bit Rose, and loved that we could edit the dialog
resources in the DLLs to make the default dialog box sizes larger.  Much
larger!  The default class dialog had a three line text box for entering

After a bit of ResEdit hacking we had nice large property dialogs with
loooong dropdown menus and the like. We grew to like it.  Our documentation
improved too.

Anyway, we've upgraded to Rose98i and it seems that Rational has embraced
COM in a big big way. Rose upgraded our operating systems. It's huge. It's
massive. But the functionality is essentially unchanged.  It's like this
huge undertaking has resulted in ... almost nothing.

Ok, we can draw in color now, and we get UML notation in addition to Booch
and OMT but otherwise it's pretty much as before.

And the user interface is much much worse.
The introduction of two-levels of tabs is a sin.
Making a tabbed dialog box with ten tabs the size of a postage stamp should
be punishable by, well death is too extreme, but maybe the loss of an ear or
And now we can't edit the dialog resources.  They seem to be constructed out
of thin air at run time.
That sucks.

We're thinking of writing a Windows hook that will intercept Rose's window
calls and twiddle the parameters as they fly by, but it's turning out to be
harder than we hoped.
Surely someone has faced this problem and solved it already?

(And no, ditching Rose is not a viable alternative).

Christian Mogensen
SuperOffice ASA


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