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ObjectiveView Free Object and Component Technical Journal

Issue #3 of ObjectiveView, a free Object/Component technology
journal will is now available at  http:/

ObjectiveView is a full colour production and can be download
in PDF or Word formats. Feel free to email it on if you want.

* Yonat Sharon summarises Kent Beck's
  Extreme Programming Process...

* Authors Kendal Scott and Doug Rosenberg
  put the counter-case to Extreme Programming...

* Paul Crerand of BEA with a detailed technical article on
  M3 - their Object Transaction Monitor

* Brent Carlson of IBM discusses the use of
  Design Patterns in SanFransiso

* Author Robert C. Martin with An
  Introduction to UML Use Cases...

* Michael Barnes of Hurwitz Group with
  An Introduction to Components and CBD...


Mark Collins-Cope
Ratio Group Ltd.
Object and Component

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Just my UKP0.02.


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