Map object/class

Map object/class

Post by Wendy Marle » Fri, 09 Jun 1995 04:00:00

We are looking for a class library that supports geographic maps.  We
are not interested in bit maps.  We heard about a product called
PowerPlot but have been unable to locate the vendor.  Any information
about PowerPlot or any other vendor of map class libraries would be
greatly appreciated.

Wendy Marlett


1. std::map::find() for class objects

Hi all,

I have implemented a map that uses a struct as the key.

struct USER
  WCHAR* _pwszName;
  BYTE _byIndex;

  // other stuff left out.

OK, I have used a shared_ptr for this data in the map, and everything
works well.  I have defined a < operator for this structure that
compares the name and the index, and returns true if either one is
less, etc, etc.

So, I can quite happily insert users, and it does indeed distinguish
between the two member variables of user.

The problem comes when I try and use map::find() to find a given user.
 It only seems to work with certain values, even though when I output
the contents of the map, I can see the elements are there.  If I try
and insert them again, then I find that I cannot, which is correct,
but I just cannot _find_ them!

Any help would be much appreciated.
Shane Porter,

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