Online and offline training courses at World of Training

Online and offline training courses at World of Training

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World of training provides over 800 IT training courses especially designed
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1. ANNOUCEMENT: WinSock 2 Training Course

Hello Fellow WinSockers,

Stardust WinSock Labs is announcing training course:

Advanced Network Application Programming with WinSock 2

This course teaches you the advanced new programming features
in the WinSock 2 API and how to exploit them.

Who Should Attend:
Experienced Windows Application Developers.

December 13 - 14, 1995.

Stardust WinSock Labs
1901 South Bascom Avenue, Suite 333
Campbell, CA 95008

$990.00 per attendee. A 15% group discount will be given to
companies sending 3 or more attendees.

Members of Stardust WinSock Labs may send one attendee for free,
and additional attendees at a 15% discount.

Basic knowledge of Windows programming PLUS

Familiarity with BSD 4.3 Sockets or WinSock v1.1 network

Course Outline:
WinSock 2 Overview

     Architecture: Applications; WinSock 2 DLL; Service Providers
     WinSock 1.1 Compatibility DLL's
     Static and Dynamic Linking
     Layered Service Providers and SSL Security

Enumerating Protocols, Names and Services

     Protocol Discovery and Selection
     Protocol-Independent Name Resolution

Socket Manipulation

     Socket Groups
     Shared Sockets
     New Socket Options and Ioctl's


     Setup and Teardown
     Conditional Acceptance
     Connect Time I/O

Advanced I/O Features

     Enhancing Application Throughput
          Event Objects
          Overlapped I/O with Scatter/Gather
          Asynchronous Notification via Event Objects
     Protocol-Independent Multipoint and Multicast
     Quality of Service


     Extended Byte Order Conversion Utilities
     Protocol-Specific Programming

Moving from WinSock 1.1 to WinSock 2

     Things to consider
     What you need
     Recommended Strategy

Send a PO and/or check to Stardust Technologies, Inc at the
address above.

For details on group rates and other inquiries, contact Martin
Bickford at 408.879.8080 ext 212. This information is duplicated

Best regards & we hope to see you there.


Dir. Partner Relations            Phone:    408.879.8080
Stardust WinSock Labs             Fax:      408.879.8081
1901 S. Bascom Ave, Suite 333     WEB:
Campbell, CA  95008                      

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