Design patterns: Related Books

Design patterns: Related Books

Post by Ivan Brus » Fri, 27 Nov 1998 04:00:00

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1. Need design advice re interaction between State design pattern and Mediator design pattern

I would like to implement the State and Mediator design patterns (Design
Patterns; Gamma et al) in an application. I am interested in hearing
thoughts about the best way to handle the following situation that involves
collaboration across both patterns:

A screen object (say a drop list) sends a message to the Mediator object
saying it has changed. Suppose the mediator needs to take different actions
depending on what state we are currently in. This seems straight forward
enough - the Mediator queries the state pattern's Context object to
determine what the current state is and then takes the appropriate action.
But, this requires the Mediator to have internal knowledge about the states
(i.e., add a new state to the program and you have to add a new state
concrete class AND possibly update the code in the Mediator class). Would
you approach this in a different way?

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