read and write VRML files

read and write VRML files

Post by Ling Wai Min » Tue, 27 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Dear Sir:

Do there any program or library which can be used to read and write VRML


Jason Ling
The University of Hong Kong


1. Writing DOS utility to Read and Write Windows .INI files

I want to write a small DOS program for reading and writing Windows .INI
files. This utility will be called from a DOS batch file just before invoking
Windows. With this in mind, I have two questions:

1) What's a good, cheap, no-frills, nothing-fancy DOS programming environment
   good for someone who will write the (very) occasional utility to be run
   from the DOS level?

   1a) Possible alternative: I'm going to be purchasing Visual Basic for my
       Windows programming. Is it possible to write formless applications with
       that product that will actually run under DOS without invoking Windows?

2) Products like WinBatch and Norton's ScriptMaker have very nice built-in
   routines for reading and writing Windows .INI files. I certainly don't want
   re-invent the wheel, so I would like to be able to make use of some canned
   routines (in a library or something) that I could call from my little DOS
   utility for the actual reading and writing of the .INI files. Anyone know
   of such a library?

Many thanks.

Eric Rountree
System Manager
Business School Site
Academic Computing
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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