Applications for OOP for COure Winter 1994-95

Applications for OOP for COure Winter 1994-95

Post by THOMAS TILLM » Thu, 21 Jul 1994 01:29:01

For a course beginning in December 1994 on C++ OOPs, I am looking for
suitable examples to use as "real world" applications and also to create
applications (simplified) for student group projects for the course.

Any ideas for source materials would be appreciated!

Also, new user so excuse format.

Professor Tom Tillman
Milwaukee School of Engineering


1. Jan 1994 CUJ -- Threads on BC4.0

Help! :-)

I have tried to port the C++ Threads routines in the C Users Journal (Jan
94) from the Zortech implementation in the mag to BC4.0 (and 3.0).  I
can't get it to work.  The problem is in cthread::Transfer(), setting up the
thread for the first time, the setjmp is all screwed.  I tried converting
to Borlands jmp_buf implementation, but no luck.  I always get a CPU
exception at the first longjmp().

Any help would b appreciated,


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