Help: problem with .pdf window size under Windows

Help: problem with .pdf window size under Windows

Post by George Fowle » Sun, 24 Jun 2001 07:54:53


I just found this group, and it's something I've been searching for. (I
kept trying "acrobat" in the full group window of my newsreader, with no
success.) Here's my most pressing question:

I am developing a CD-ROM using Acrobat 4.05a (we don't need any of the
new features from 5.0 for this project). Generally, this project will
accompany a book on cultural literacy for advanced learners of Russian.
The structure is a single large .pdf file containing the full text of
the book, enriched with a couple thousand links to pop-up graphics,
sound files, and a few other items. We are working on the Mac, but the
end result has to work on both Mac and Windows. We have a cross-platform
problem, which I will describe below. I sincerely hope someone here can
help me!

The issue is that on the Mac side, the pop-up graphics work as we
intend. They are defined to open "Fit Visible" and "Resize Window to
Initial page", and that means that they open at the top left corner of
the screen, extending until they fill the screen either vertically or
horizontally. This leaves the main .pdf file visible behind the pop-up
graphic, which is what we want, so the user can click back in the
original text window to go there (if s/he doesn't want to close the
graphic, for some reason).

Anyway, this works on the Mac side, but on the Windows side it doesn't.
Instead of opening a lean window the size and shape of the graphic, it
instead opens full-screen, with gray padding to fill the screen. This
prevents you from moving back to the original file by clicking, though
of course the Window menu still works. Anyway, we don't like it.

At first we thought this was simply some kind of bug. Then we ran across
an explanation at the Adobe Support Knowledgebase: 26a.htm

[Here's the content of this page]

Resize Windows To Initial Page Option Doesn't Work When Acrobat 4.0 Is
Maximized Issue

When opening a PDF file with Resize Windows To Initial Page selected in
its Open Info dialog box, your Adobe Acrobat 4.0 for Windows application
does not resize the window to fit the file's first page.


Unmaximize the Acrobat 4.0 application window (i.e., click the Restore
button in the upper right corner).

Additional Information

Selecting Resize Windows To Initial Page in a PDF file's Open Info
dialog box instructs Acrobat to resize its window to fit the size of the
file's first page. The Acrobat 4.0 application window does not resize
when it is maximized, however, because Windows applications are usually
designed to remain maximized until you unmaximize them.

[Back to my question] So what we would like to do is to find a solution
which would achieve the effect that we have on the Mac side: the
graphics pop up in a lean window sized to fit the graphic instead of a
padded window to fill the screen. We can imagine two or three possible
ways to do this:

1) some sort of OS-level scripting like AppleScript on the Mac side,
which would be attached to (what?) and would automatically resize
windows to fit the contents upon pop-up. Doubtful but logically possible.

2) some workaround inside Acrobat, perhaps through Javascripting.
Doubtful, because if this was built into Acrobat, surely it would have
been mentioned in that support document quoted above.

3) some kind of plug-in which might achieve the desired effect, perhaps
with development on Windows also working on the Mac. We could do it that
way, if it would work.

Sorry for such a long posting! if anyone has any tips or suggestions or
workarounds to achieve the effect we want, I'm all ears!

Thanks in advance.

George Fowler


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