Clicking on bookmarks doesn't jump to location?

Clicking on bookmarks doesn't jump to location?

Post by AES/newspos » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 05:42:54

Mac iBook, OS 9.2, Acrobat Reader 5.1:  Clicking on bookmarks in PDF
documents -- including the PDF User Guide for Reader -- doesn't jump to
the corresponding location in the document itself (Thumbnails do work).

What am I doing wrong, or what do I have set wrong?


1. HD doesn't 'click' anymore after poweroff

I have a problem with my built-in hard disk drive (I have a NeXTstation
color with 400md hd, Seagate, running 3.0). Normally when I power off
the system (it's a stand alone machine, so I power it off every night),
after the screen goes dark, the drive gets slower and finally klicks.
Something like: UUUUuuuueeeeeeeeee[click]

Some days ago there was a pause before the click:
UUUUuuuueeeeee                    [click]

But now, there isn't anymore a click.
UUUUuuuueeeeeee                 [silence]

Now my questions:
Is this 'normal'?
Is it important?
Does it mean that my drive doesn't park anymore?
Btw: The station is approx. 8 months old...
Many thanks in advance,

Felix Rauch

* decnet: EZINFO::XILEF

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