PDF Files from Web Site

PDF Files from Web Site

Post by Matt Beckwit » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 08:54:24

My web site has many documents which are for users to either download and
edit for their own purposes, or print (forms).

For the forms, I'm going to convert them all to PDF.  Thanks, everyone, for
the help getting good conversion programs.

The forms, for the most part, are in HTML on my web site.  Can I convert
these to PDF?  Or perhaps I can load them into my word processor (Microsoft
Word, for example), and convert them to Word documents, then convert to PDF?
Or load them into my web browser (offline), copy and paste to Word, then
convert to PDF?

On the other hand, will PDF files be appropriate for the files I want people
to be able to download and edit?  I know you can't edit PDF files, but
perhaps they can highlight the entire document, copy and paste to their
favorite word processing program?  Because how do I know they'll have the
word processing program I used to create them?

Also, how do you get that Acrobat Reader button to put on your web site for
people to download Acrobat Reader if they don't have it?


Matt Beckwith, M.D.


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Hi, I'm by no means a web designer.  I understand the concepts of
html.  For example, I can edit a web page, but not so easy to
actually create one.  Someone has given me the total use of their
web site and as soon as I get the password and file information,
will clean everything off the original site.

My question is this: A friend has created a flyer in pdf format,
graphics and text and I would love to publish this as 3 or 4
pages onto the web site.  I've no idea how to do this since the
pdf file can't convert to html, as far as I know.  

Likewise, the same question applies if the password to the new
site cannot be found or is lost or not given, then I'll just get
one of these free web pages through tripod, etc., and so the same
question more or less applies.

Sorry for the long post and hope I gave enough info.  

Thanks so much!

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