ActiveX Acrobat Reader control & plug-ins?

ActiveX Acrobat Reader control & plug-ins?

Post by John Wheele » Sat, 08 Nov 1997 04:00:00


Does anyone know whether the ActiveX Acrobat viewer control can be used
in conjunction with Plug-ins? Is the ActiveX control some sort of stand
alone component, or does is rely on the rest of the viewer software,
which can include plug-ins?

Thanks for any help.

John Wheeler.


1. 3rd-party Acrobat Reader plug-ins?

I've seen some interest in a security plug-in that would
allow opening an encrypted PDF without user dialog. Also,
there are many Reader functions which are unavailable through
DDE access.  Are there any inexpensive 3rd-party plug-ins
available to do this?  I need something that does not cost
$hundreds per copy or require the full Acrobat product.  The
usual answer I've seen is "write a plug-in", which is outside
my expertise.  I currently deal with secure PDF files by
just encrypting the whole file.  This is obviously not the
elegant solution.  Are there any toolkits out there for Reader DDE
that I can deploy with my applications?



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