Problem with opening pdf file in IE 6

Problem with opening pdf file in IE 6

Post by Jagadi » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 04:32:44


I have adobe acrobat reader 6 installed on my m/c. Whenever I try to
open a pdf file in IE6, it doesnt launch the acrobat reader and
instead shows a blank page! Can someone please help how can I make
changes in the settings of IE or Acrobat reader to solve the above



1. Problem opening pdf file in IE 6.0

I am using IE 6.0 with acrobat reader 5.0. The problem what I have is
I am reading bytes from the repository and displaying on the browser
after setting the correct content type. My programs are working fine
in NETSCAPE in all cases. However in IE 6.0 ,only 2-3 pdf files are
properly displayed.. For other files IE 6 is even not opening Acrobat
reader. I am not able to find out , Is this a problem of pdf files or
something with the IE 6.0 settings ??


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