PDF Print Defaulting / Forcing Color Print - Xerox Tektronix Phaser 850DP

PDF Print Defaulting / Forcing Color Print - Xerox Tektronix Phaser 850DP

Post by Wood » Tue, 04 Mar 2003 04:29:06

I have printed many PDF documents/manuals on my Phaser 850DP, usually
in duplex and Black & White. My normal process is to simply selection
File / Print / and select the Tektronix Phaser Printer. Then I open
the properties of that printer and select the 'Layout' tab for my
preferences, then select the 'Paper/Quality' tab for Black & White.
In doing this latter, it also changes the option under the 'Tektronix
Features' tab to also Print in Black & White.  I have never had a
problem with this process. The PDF documents spools out quickly and
correctly duplexes and prints in Black and White.

I recent reloaded this computer, done many times before, and now I can
not print in Black & White, regardless of my selected options, unless
I change on the first print screen, where the Tektronix Phaser Printer
is first selected, and select the Print as Image option.  Through a
lot of searching I found this on the Xerox web site.  The selection of
Print as Image option has dramatically slowed the printing - that is
the spooling, of these large manuals.

It does not appear to have any effect if I use Acrobat or Acrobat
Reader to do the print process. I am running Windows 2000 Professional
and the printer is connected to a home LAN via TCP/IP.  What is




1. Tektronix (Xerox) Phaser 750 Service Disk


I recently purchased a Tektronix Phaser 750 color laser printer from
Xerox and have been having difficulties with the quality of the
printouts including banding and poor toner sticktion.  I am working
with the service people under warranty, but I am interested in
learning more about my printer.

I have learned that there is a service CD that contains technical
information including extensive troubleshooting information, but it is
only available to "authorized service providers" and end users cannont
purchase it.  I asked my service man about obtaining it and he said he
can't give or let me copy his because he would lose his job.  He
suggested that I can probably obtain it through informal means from
someone who managed to acquire one or from an ex-service provider.

I am wondering if someone reading this forum has access to one or may
be able to guide me on how to get one.

Thanks in advance for any information or assistance.  And I wish
everyone the best of the New Year.  My E-mail is:

receive large emails.


P.S. I write computer code for a living, but I enjoy my Olympus
Digital Camera a whole bunch.  ;-)

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