Acrobat Reader on MacOS X: print as picture

Acrobat Reader on MacOS X: print as picture

Post by Claus Atzenbec » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 03:38:05


Any idea, why Acrobat Reader on MacOS X prints a PDF file as picture on a
non-postscript printer?

I have:
        MacOS 10.2.6
        Brother HL-1250 (USB, non-postscript)
        Acrobat Reader 6.0

When I print a document with Acrobat Reader, you can see that it is printed
as picture because of the bad font resolution. When using Apple's Preview
application, the print is perferct.

Any idea how to solve this problem?



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We sometimes observe a strange problem on our machines where
Acrobat Reader prints only boxes (instead of the character glyphs)
when closed before printing finishes (usually the first page
prints correctly and only the pages that print after the Reader
is closed contain the boxes). The configuration is a Windows 98SE
machine with HP DeskJet 895CXi printer (we observe the problem on
other printers as well) and Acrobat Reader 4.0.

Can anyone help please ?
Thanks in advance and regards

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