Acrobat versus active PDF's new Composer

Acrobat versus active PDF's new Composer

Post by Todd W. Ro » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 20:57:14

ActivePDF has just announces it new Composer app:

Has some nice features, especially the Smart MS Office document
production.  Any opinions on this product.  It seems to me that the
Smart Office docs is the only special feature.  Doesnt Acrobat do all
the other function this app proports?



1. * HTML links not 'active' in my PDF files.

Hi all,
        I converted a flat ASCII text document to PDF through Pagemaker
6.0 for Mac. Very smooth process! In any case, at the end of the doc I
wanted to put an HTML mailto: link to me so that people with a proper
setup can email me. Now, when I run the doc through the distiller, the
links come up in the PDF file as blue/underlined (like they should), but
when you place the cursor over it, nothing happens! Anyone know why these
links aren't 'active'? I'm using the distiller that came with PM6, but
Exchange. Is Exchange what's needed for these links to become 'active'?


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