Batch scanning purchase help?

Batch scanning purchase help?

Post by TheRa » Fri, 13 Jun 2003 09:27:47

I plan on batch scanning each of my contracts into PDF format. (about 25
pages single sided legal paper per job).
I am thinking about a 50 page sheet feeding scanner like a fujitsu SCSI I,
set to 200 dpi for speed.
Upon completion of the scan I would like to manually name the job with a
customer number with the date added at the end.
OCR is not necessary .
Are sheet feeding scanners available in USB 2.0 or Fire Wire?
Can Acrobat handle the 25 pages and be set up as a turn key configuration so
an idiot like me can load then name and save without any other work?
For legal and tax reasons will I be able to destroy my paperwork so I don't
have to fill my garage any more?

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Thanks for the help


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