NT SR5 Distiller V4.01 not running

NT SR5 Distiller V4.01 not running

Post by Jost Kort » Tue, 23 Nov 1999 04:00:00

After patching Windows NT 4.0 with SR5 (German Version) Acrobat
Distiller V4.01 is not running anymore.
Does anyone have a solution or is it a known problem?

  Jost Korte

  Oldenbourg Datentechnik GmbH


1. TrueType / Adobe_PS V5.01 / distiller on NT: not very encouraging

Having briefly tested the new Adobe_PS V5.01 for NT, TrueType seems a total
disaster this time. Release notes mentioned even that a new distiller
release will have to solve those issues: bad reencoding of text meaning no
search or catalog, characters disappearing....

After all those discussions about TrueType, has somebody summarised in which
ways (if any) a postscript driver used in conjunction with Distiller on
Windows NT can generate PDFsearchable when the source document contains TT
fonts (standard windows fonts + additional fonts); based on my own
experience, this is mainly related to which version of the Postscript driver
you are using. Original MS/Adobe seems to be able to handle better TrueType
than later Adobe_PS release

I am really surprised that this limitation has not been adressed & corrected
by Adobe team since years.

Do I am the only one on earth who thinks that this is a major problem for
Windows users ?

I dream of a world where OpenType will be  the reconciliator between
TrueType & Type x families...

Thanks for sharing your feedback

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