Problem with PDF Output folder

Problem with PDF Output folder

Post by Richar » Wed, 23 Oct 2002 07:27:36

Distiller is set up to place PDF documents into the PDF Out folder in the
Acrobat directory.  I have an application that prints directly to Distiller
through the virtual (network) printer port bypassing the printer.  The
files are placed in the default directory.

If I set up Distiller to prompt for a directory before saving AND I select
any other directory than PDF Out the the process fails!!!  I get a PDF file
in non-default directory with the prompted name but it has 0 (zero) bytes
for a file size and as one might expect results in an error when trying to

I have already removed and installed Acrobat 4.0  several times.  And for
the record it did work at one time.  I could select any directory to place
the PDF in and it worked. Any ideas why this is happening and how can I fix



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I have lot of PDF files, in lot of folders and subfolders. What I want to do
is to PDF-list all these files (that is, for a folder, to generate an "index
PDF file", with a list of bookmarks to each one of PDF files into this
folder, so I can open it from within the index PDF file). It would be great
if these bookmarks respected their hierarchical position in the
folder/sub-folders ; so if a folder contains sub-folders, the index PDF file
bookmarks to a sub-index PDF file which bookmarks all PDF files in the
sub-folder, and so on.
I suppose I need an additional program, but I didn't found out one. Someone
has a idea ?

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