Still can't print Encrypted PDF w/ Print = Fully Allowed

Still can't print Encrypted PDF w/ Print = Fully Allowed

Post by David Harriso » Mon, 12 Aug 2002 06:25:21

I'm trying to help out a friend who can't print encrypted PDF files although
security settings say Printing: Fully Allowed. I can print the same files.
Unencrypted files print fine. He is using Win98 SE, Acrobat Reader 5.0.5,
and HP Deskjet 990 series w/ latest drivers.

He has tried a number of things including removing and reinstalling Acrobat
Reader, and removing and reinstalling the print driver. When he tries to
print these files here's what he reports:

"Attempted to print the [file] from the website... No dice!  Acrobat appears
to format the pages (2) for printing.  While this is going on the printer
icon shows up in the task bar.  It remains there until the paper is fed into
the computer and disappears just before the printer stops. If I go out to C:
| Windows | Temp folder, I find a document entitled hp000001, size; 306
Kbytes, type; PDL file that was apparently created when I attempted to print
the file."

What the heck is a *.PDL file?  A Windows print spool file is either SHD or
SPL to the best of my knowledge.
When he prints an non-encrypted file no PDL file is created. He has also
tried printing directly to the printer without success.

I'm out of ideas. Can someone help?

David Harrison


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thanks, Igor.

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