Adobe Reader 6

Adobe Reader 6

Post by blo » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 23:39:28

If you are reading say a 100 page document. How do you save the
current place (bookmark) where you are reading for another day. I used
to use PDFsoft's plugin but that is for Version 5. Many thanks.

1. Trouble mailing form data from Adobe Reader.

I created a form in PDF format that I was ready to distribute last week....
Since I developed it using the full Acrobat install and not the Reader
install, it worked.  The form - with its data was mailed back to me when I
tested it... It did not work on reader.

Realizing that Reader cannot perform the save PDF operation before mailing,
I switched to another strategy - mail text only (no PDF).    Again, this
worked - but not on Reader.  I do not know why this second attempt failed.

IS there a way to mail form data in such a way that reader can handle it?
Thanks. J.

*JavaScript SUMMARY:
Attempt #1: app.mailDoc...
Attempt #2: app.mailMsg....

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