Dynamically created PDF files

Dynamically created PDF files

Post by charles macandre » Tue, 28 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Anyone know how to take information from a form and dynamically create a pdf
file on the fly.


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My report is produce in pdf format from oracle*reports tool.
It's also possible to produce a postscript file from oracle*reports if it's
necessary to do what I want with pdf file result.

I produce a pdf file for viewing only. When the user print this pdf file, I
must add the text "This is a copy" at the bottom of the report.
Is it possible to include a command in the pdf file to produce this text
when the pdf is print ?
Do I have to produce a postscript, modify the file and distill to pdf ? or
produce the pdf directly (including the command to print this text) ?
Where I can see to do this (sdk, ...) ?

The user wants to distribute a pdf on web. For web viewing, I have to hide a
section of the pdf file.
Is it possible to do this dynamically (like the text I add "this is a copy")
? or I have to create 2 pdf ?

Thanks a lot.

Stephane Parenteau (Sparinfo)



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