PDF Book

PDF Book

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I have about 100 pdf files, each with a certain author/title name. I need to
reference them in another pdf file, where the user can click on the
author/title and the corresponding pdf file opens up.

I wonder if any body may advise me on how to go about doing that.




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I have a Word 2000 (Win98) document, with papersize A5.
I want to create a book in PDF. So when I print it on A4 paper, I only have
to fold them together and nail them with two staples.

The two problems:
When I convert them in Word to PDF, the shape has not turned into landscape,
while the text is in landscape. How come?
How can I get the pages together which have to be printed together? (Page 1
and 16, 2 and 15, 3 and 14 and so on.)

Thank you.

(I'm not familiar with news-groups, perhaps you can mail me at

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