PDF characterization

PDF characterization

Post by Jim Zube » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 06:42:53


I am trying to find a tool that will provide me with a very detailed
analysis of the composition of a PDF file. I have looked at your command
line utilities from PDF-tools such as PDinfo, PDobj, PDls, but they really
do not provide the level of detail that we need. I have also looked at a
variety of pre-flight tools, which do not really fit my needs either,
although perhaps I am not knowledgeable enough to judge whether they could
be used for this purpose.

We need to characterize the content of PDF files to make sure we have
adequate test coverage of a PDF reader we are testing. Is anyone aware of
some tools that will fully characterize a internal content of PDF file?

We may need to just write a plug in using the Adobe SDK to do this, but I
wanted to make sure that I am not reinventing the wheel.

Thanks for your help.



1. Workload Characterization

[QUOTE]Originally posted by performer:
[B]I'm working with workload selection and characterizaion. The target application provides network traffic recording and statistic generation services; GUI to make queries is also available.

Any suggestions about workload characterization techniques/approaches/experience/books.

Thanks in advance.


Taken from page 126/127 from our book "Quality Web Systems:"

Workload is broken down by
"Base performance tests, the first to be executed, measure the response time of a component accessed by a single user under optimal conditions......"

"Single-load operation load testing extends the base performance tests by adding more users..... The number of users should be derived from the response time and load requirements analysis performed prior to the conduct of test planning....."

"Virtual user load-testing session are used once the base performance and single load tests have been successfully performed and any problems have been corrected..."

Many more details are described on how to accomplish these types of tests.


Elfriede Dustin
Author (with Rashka, Paul)of book "Automated Software Testing", July 99
Author (with Rashka, McDiarmid) of book "Quality Web Systems: Performance, Security & Usability", August 01

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