How to run a script from PDF which takes a command-line option?

How to run a script from PDF which takes a command-line option?

Post by Bruce Haug » Tue, 26 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I'm working in a UNIX environment, using the HP-UX version of Acrobat

Is there a way to create a link in a PDF file which will run a script
that takes a command-line option?

For example, I have a script called "disp_man" which will take the name
of a man page as an argument and display that man page in an X window.
However, Exchange will only let me create the link as


and not

        /path/to/script/disp_man manpage

I tried using single and double quotes around the whole string and just
around "manpage", but it didn't like any of those. I know I could hardcode
the manpage into the script, but I'm looking for a universal method that
could be used for any manpage.



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I have a directory with several subdirectories, each full of several dozen
Word files. For each subdirectory,  I need to run the checksum app against
all of that directory's files and output a file into that directory with the
checksum results. How can I do this? I'm very unfamilar with running
command-line commands from within an Perl script. I know to change
directories, you can do something like this:

$changeDir = "cd ".$startingDir;

but what about retrieving the list of subdirectories from the starting
directory? How can I do this?
Thanks for your help.


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